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WIP Copy-Cat Cami

May 18, 2012

So, over a period of many days, I’ve worked on sewing up my nursing cami. And now that’s it’s almost done, it needs some tweaking. As you can see, there’s way too much fabric where it crosses over.

I’m going to take apart the horizontal seam across the front, take out the excess fabric and then see what it’s like. I see potential here, but it needs more work.

Fun news! My new ipod takes pictures, and I’m on Instagram now! You can follow me, lunachick265, but so far it’s just photos of my kiddo, who is growing like crazy and is crazy-cute!

Have a great weekend, lovely readers!


RTW Copy-Cat: Old Navy Nursing Cami Part 1

May 7, 2012

My first attempt at pattern drafting and RTW copy-cat. I’m trying to replicate this nursing cami from Old Navy. It crosses over in the front and has gathers right belowthe bust. It works well for nursing, so I’ love to have a few more like it.


Here’s how I drafted my pattern:

First I examined how it was made, sketched the front and back, and took measurements.

Then, I drew my pattern pieces following the sketch. Some parts I pretty much traced. I have a Dritz Styling Design Ruler that was amazingly helpful in this process.

I added a half inch seam allowance. This is a little bit more than I’m likely to need, but the wiggle room may be necessary later on.

Now, I’m going to cut and sew! Wish me luck! I’ll let you all know how it turns out tomorrow. We’ll see how much I can get done while baby girl naps.


fabrics for Cambie

May 6, 2012

Well, like so many seamstresses out there in blogland, I’m beyond excited about the new release from Sewaholic Patterns! So excited that I pre-ordered the pattern TODAY and spent the morning (in between feeding the baby and diaper changes of course) looking for fabric. On a rainy morning when the house is already clean (miracle right? My mom left me in good shape over here, and I’ve been working hard to keep it up).

the line drawings!
image from

It seems like this new dress can meet just about every wardrobe need, depending on what skirt you put on it and the fabric you choose. I spent the morning looking at various fabric possibilities for a summery version. I was looking at a kelly green cotton swiss dot, but then I just fell in love with a rayon challis from I plan on making view B with the gathered skirt–perfect for walks, picnics, and bike rides! I picked a charcoal cotton voile for the lining. I looked for a silk lining, but that just wasn’t in my price range in the right colour. As it stands, I’m quite happy with the combination.

Here are my fabric choices–I specifically picked something that’s not blue (it seems like almost all my stash is blue and I need to branch out). I’m loving the mustard! Hopefully it carries me into fall with a cardigan over it.

my fabric choices for the Cambie Dress
images from

While I’m waiting for the fabric and pattern to come in the mail, I’ll be working on finishing up some knitting, organizing my sewing room to transform it into the sewing/baby room, and taking a trip up north. I’ll get to it in June-just in time for summer!

dritz dot snapper fail

May 5, 2012

Remember when I said my mom and I were going to do the Darling Ranges Sew Along together? Well, we did! And I’m so pleased with how it turned out, except for one tiny thing. You many know that it buttons up the front. Well, I decided to put in snaps instead, to avoid the dreaded button hole (I’ve still never done one). I pulled out a cute vintage notion that I’ve been sitting on for awhile  (I don’t buy things just to look at, things are meant to be used!), and did the socket part of the snaps.

The Dot Snapper Kit… before I knew it had the wrong tool!

Then I got busy with my new workout schedule (which is really taking Ena for many walks), and I let it sit for awhile. Caring for a baby after your own mom leaves and goes back home is waaaay time consuming. Then, the other day I began the stud part of the snaps, and well, my Dritz kit had the wrong part! So no stud snaps for me. I’m a little upset about this kit having no useful lifespan past this project. Now I’m waiting on my mom to send me a snap plier in the mail. Hopefully that will work, because I’m dying to wear the dress and the weather will be nice again come next week!

Here’s the dress as it is now-so close! I’ll tell you all about the fabric and that fun bias binding once it’s done and I can actually wear it.

my really good reason for a long blogging absence

March 22, 2012

Being pregnant, teaching, and coaching took a lot out of me. I wasn’t sewing or knitting much, and so I had little to post about. Those were some sad times. But now, we’ve had the baby (she came early, on March 10!). After being in the hospital awhile, they let me go home, but to rest. So now I’m resting and enjoying this beautiful baby! And soon I’ll be able to sew a little and post on the blog a little.


Ena Elisabeth, born March 10. Ready to come home from the hospital!

My mum will be coming out on April 7, and while she’s here, we’re going to sew together! We’ll be doing the Darling Ranges Sew Along with Megan Nielsen-the dates coincide perfectly with her visit, and we’ll spend time together sewing and taking time to hold the baby. My mum and I agree that it sounds like a perfect vacation!

I’ll put up some more details about fabric selections later… I’m going to shop my stash for this so we’ll see what I can come up with!




the rotary cutter revisited

December 5, 2011


I have an Olfa 45 mm, and it works nicely for me

Friends, did you read Sunni’s post on using shears on tricky fabrics from last month? I thought it was great. I’ve always been a fan of my lovely Mundial shears, but her very thoughtful and informative tutorial inspired me to think of my rotary cutter again. I bought it some months back, but then the enthusiasm fizzled out. Fast forward to the other day. My google reader has issues, so I got Sunni’s post a little late. I thought about cutting, and then decided to dig out the Olfa. I’ve been working with some knits lately, and let me tell you, it was AMAZING. The speed and accuracy of the rotary cutter have won me over. If you’re lucky enough to own both the cutter and a big mat, you’re in business. If you don’t have those, then keep using the shears. You get the same result in the end, so it’s not really a big deal.

But if you want to try it, here are my tips.

Safety. I’m being serious here. Be careful with those blades. They’re sharp. Retract them when not in use. Don’t put them down without retracting the blade. Peter over at Male Pattern Boldness has  the following to say: “I secure my pattern to the fabric with my weights, open my rotary cutter and begin.  Only when I am ready to cut do I release the red safety button on my rotary blade.  I secure it again as soon as I am done cutting.   If I am shifting position or moving my fabric, I secure the blade with the safety button.  Make this a habit, please.  The blade is very sharp.” In a moment of carelessness, I gave myself a small cut with the blade. While there wasn’t much blood, it hurt a lot. Think paper cut times fifty and lasting about 24 hours. Think what might happen if you sustain a bigger cut. Or not. Let’s be super-careful.

Make sure you fabric is laid out very carefully. The tiniest ripple or wrinkle will cause the blade to snag, so take extra care in laying it out.

Pattern Weights. These are handy because you don’t have to pin, which saves a lot of time. But don’t run to the store and buy more things. Instead, use what’s already in the house. Anything you can use as a paperweight can be a pattern weight. I use the Ikea glasses that I keep threads and small notions in. My camera, shears, and other objects I have lying around also help.

I haven’t really cut slippery silks or other tricky woven fabrics yet, but for knits, I’m now a rotary cutter convert. When you cut flat, you don’t have any of the stretching or slipping you get when you use pins and shears. So I’m going to keep using the rotary cutter for all my knit cutting. When I’m ready to bust into my new silk though, I’ll be sure to try Sunni’s method!

Friends, what are your thoughts on the rotary cutter? Yay or nay? Pros? Cons? Just can’t see yourself shelling out the funds necessary for a big enough cutting mat?

And here’s my question: Does anyone know where to get replacement blades that aren’t super expensive? My local craft store has a six pack for fifty dollars (ouch). I have an Olfa and will probably need a new blade soon after all my cutting adventures.

sewing for the bump…

December 2, 2011

Well, I’m back to the blogging world!

I’m doing some fair isle knitting for a Christmas gift-so I’ll be sharing that project later on once the gift is received. I’m doing some lovely colour work for my Secret Santa this year. I don’t think she reads this blog, but you never know, so I won’t spoil the surprise here.

The other projects that I’ve been working on involve sewing-but the fabric is the dreaded knit. Ew. I’ve conquered the cutting phase, but the sewing and finishing stages are still a major work in progress. I’ve been dragging my feet for awhile about getting a serger. My amazing husband wants me to get one, so I’m thinking that I’ll be doing that after Christmas.

I’m working on altering patterns I have into things that will work for my constantly changing body shape. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I sort of ballooned, so none of my normal clothes look good or fit well anymore. So, I’m making a dress for myself!

the bodice so far...

I’m using the Sense & Sensibility Swing Dress pattern, and essentially shortening the bodice to make it more like an empire style, and adding a gathered skirt to accommodate the bump. I’m using a knit, so I hope I won’t need a zipper. So far, I’ve made up the bodice. For the first time, it came together like it was meant to! I followed Casey’s instructions to the letter, and I think it came out well. I’m contemplating top stitching all the way around the neckline to keep the facing down, but I haven’t made up my mind.

This weekend, I’ll be cutting the skirt and putting that on. We’ll see if I have a wearable creation by Monday.


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