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welcome home dress, take two

April 30, 2011

First, an update on the pattern. It’s actually McCalls 7084, not Simplicity. I don’t know why I had Simplicity in my head-I wrote it on every pattern piece in Sharpie (twice) as I was tracing it. And a sad note for this pattern. When I unfolded it, I found it was in bad shape, with tearing and even some crumbling along the edges. Yikes! So I’ve gone ahead and made two copies. One is on my usual tissue to use for sewing, and one onto old gift-wrap paper (is that up-cycling? I’m not sure) so I could have a sturdy copy for when I want to make it again later. So the good news is that it’s available for people to use later, and I’m also going to photocopy the instructions for posterity.

Ok, I’m still working on this fabulous vintage rayon:

the rayon-in person the background is more ecru-colored

And I was going to use Butterick 5209, but now I’m not so sure. I’m now leaning towards Simplicity 7084, a cool vintage pattern form the mid 1940s, but I’m not sure if I should underline or line it, or neither. I’d do the cap sleeve version, which would make it easier to line-but I have no fabric suitable for lining. I have some dark brown rayon bemberg, but I really doubt that  would work well. I could go out and find some polysester in town tomorrow, but do I want to use polyester? Am I being a snob? I could order more rayon in a light beige, but would it arrive in time? Or should I just skip lining (I don’t want to do that either).

Simplicity 7084

Another option is the backup dress I purchased….. but all my sewing friends would be sad if I wore a dress that I didn’t make.

Option Three: Make a dress with some stash fabric and save the rayon for later. I have a lovely lightweight cotton broadcloth, and I’ve been planning to make it up into the Coffee Date Dress, with thanks to the Selfish Seamstress for her sweet free pattern!

Michael Miller cotton print

Help! What should I do? I don’t know. I want to look beautiful when I collect my husband from his twelve month deployment, but I just don’t know what to wear! I feel shallow, worrying about my outfit, but I really do love fashion and I’m excited to plan a special outfit for this big day. And I need to look fabulous. All the wives have been looking forward to this day for about a year, so we’re all planning special outfits. I’m rambling, but I need to get back to tracing my pattern. I won’t cut any fabric till I get some advice-it’s too late here for me to make good decisions.

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  1. April 30, 2011 7:00 pm

    Wow, I really love this pattern too! You have some really great patterns in your stash. I totally sympathize with your dress dilemma here. You mentioned that you aren’t so sure about the original pattern that you picked. My suggestion is to not waste such lovely fabric on a pattern that you are unsure of – try making a muslin of Simplicity 7084. If it turns out well, make the dress and line it. Both the rayon or the cotton are lovely choices well suited for that dress. Order the lining material today – hopefully it will arrive once you have settle which dress you will make. Yippie for your hubby coming home soon!

    • May 4, 2011 9:16 pm

      Thanks for your advice! I did follow it, but now that rayon I ordered is on backorder. So the design will have to wait for later on… so I will wear the backup dress and save the rayon a little longer. Are you working on anything fun lately? I’d love to see it!

      • May 4, 2011 11:34 pm

        Ah, my own projects are not going so well. I’m working on a silk blouse – and by “working on” I have cut out one pattern piece and it is kind of freaking me out because it was much more difficult to cut than I expected. Plus I got hit pretty hard with a cold that was going around work so I haven’t felt like doing much . . . But this weekend is the fishing opener and my husband will be gone so hopefully I can make some progress!


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