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The Selfless Seamstress

October 26, 2011

Hello again! Yes, this is a shameless dig on another sewing blog, The Selfish Seamstress. I read this blog in my Google reader and love it every time she publishes! Selfish has just one failing, and it’s that she won’t sew anything for anyone else. And I’m beginning to understand why. I’m working on one of her designs (Selfish has made her lovely dress pattern available for the whole world to download for free! Maybe she’s not so selfish) for a friend, and there are a few challenges already in this projects that I don’t encounter when sewing for myself.

Since I’m not  really sewing for myself now, I’m sewing for a friend. But it’s tricky. I’m in Germany, and  she’s in Spain, so there will be no in person fittings. Or any at all. I have her measurements (triple checked), and some experience with this pattern. So it has to work. I already did a full waist adjustment that  I thought wold be more complicated than it was. My friend’s measurements don’t line up neatly in one column (but, really, do anyone’s line up perfectly?). In fact, she’s two burdastyle sizes larger in the waist than the bust and hips. So I just blended the lines between sizes. Not that hard. I measured the pattern flat and determined that if I made it without an adjustment, the zipper would not go up. My goal is for the zipper to go up and the bust not to gape too much with extra fabric. We’ll see how it goes.

Pattern: Coffee Date Dress, designed by Elaine of the aforementioned

Fabric: Anna Marie Horner’s Innocent Crush. I also have some red cotton from the craft store that I may use for piping around the neck and armholes. And for a secret bonus project. We’ll see if I want to do the piping.

Progress so far: I’ve adjusted the pattern, cut the pieces, transferred the markings, and stabilized the facings. On Friday, I have the whole day off! No work, no cheer, a whole day for me to sew! And maybe knit some. We’ll see.

the front facing, with stabalizer added! ignore the tea stains on the ironing board

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