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The Selfless Seamstress: all-in-one facings

October 30, 2011

really are lame. It’s know that I don’t love facings, and will take steps to avoid them. Mostly,  I don’t like how they flip out as I’m wearing the garment, even though I tacked the down in strategic places and did the under stitching. So last time I made Selfish’s design, I skipped the all-in-one facing and finished the neck and armholes with bias tape, following Sewaholic’s fantastic instructions. I also did that for a Sencha blouse and really loved the results.

But this time, I’m following the pattern as written. And those darn facings are giving me trouble. Selfish suggested we all look at the Burdstyle tutorial, but it didn’t really help me much once I was ready to do the shoulder seams and all that flipping inside and out. What was useful was an all-in-one tutorial from While photographs are nice, sometimes a diagram can make things much clearer.

So, with the nice diagrams in front of me, and my work in the other hand, I think I’ve figured it out. Only it puckers a little when I sew it, so I had to un-pick and re-sew a few times. But anyway, the all-in-one facing is done, and I can move onto the skirt. Besides, I’m not the one wearing this dress, so my friend can deal with any facing flip-out if/when it happens.

the very unsightly pucker, now fixed!

Victory on the facing! Now on to important things, like making this recipe for dinner Jalapeno Cheddar Grits and BBQ Chicken.

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